Ensuring safe “risk” adjusted lending for our private investors and “partnership ethos” with those with whom we work.

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Who Are We?

We are a new Investment Group based in Ireland, who provide private equity and loan facilities to experienced residential property developers over a 24 month period. Our Team is made up of highly experienced property lenders and construction professionals, with a full and complete understanding of the current residential market in Ireland. 

Our goal is to assist developers in accessing finance by sourcing private investment on a project-by-project basis. Our aim is to become a principal leader in providing development finance in Ireland. 
Not all projects will suit our investors, however, we will always provide a speedy resolution, so our customers are not waiting on a decision.

Why us?

Why Us?


Years’ Experience

We have over 80 years experience between our team members


DevCom Capital has an extensive skillset under one roof with experienced lenders and a wide range of construction professionals.

Customer Focus

We place a strong emphasis on you to meet your project needs.


We can arrange 100% Joint Venture Development funding for deals in Ireland with a maxmum LTV of 70%.

In general, they must meet the following criteria:

New Project

Your Project must be a new development project.


Full planning in place is preferred, but considerations can be made.


Must be a experienced developer with a proven track record.

Residential Housing

Residential housing schemes only.

Unsecured Site

The site must be an unsecured site.

Multiple Units Only

Only multiple units will suffice for the project.

Max 24-Month

The project cannot exceed a 24 month period.

Loan Amounts

Gross loan amount of minimum €500k and maximum €5m.

If you are an established developer or building firm with a construction project that requires development finance click the contact button below to speak to us for financing options from our network of lenders and equity partners.

So if you're ready to start on your next development project, then you're ready to get in touch to secure fast and efficent funding.

Experience Is Key!

Your knowledge of the local area, along with evidence of having a proven track record in the construction industry increases the likelihood of a funding solution being provided.

In order to receive the support of our funding network, your request for finance should include basic project viablity information, including: credible valuations, previous projects, a breakdown of costs, evidence of sales expectations.

So, who funds my project?

Just as peer-to-peer is great for small businesses to raise capital from a broad group of people, we have a select network of professional lenders, investors and fund managers who are well-placed to support property developers in need of a development finance.

Devcom Capital primarily supports multi-dwelling residential schemes, both for the private market and social housing schemes.


DevCom Capital engages with property developers, and with professional investors and lenders, to structure development finance for qualified property developers in Ireland.

The minimum commitment from each funding partner is €500k and there is a current maximum of €5m, which may sometimes come from a single funding line.

Each development submitted to us is expected to meet certain criteria, and we make this key information available to funding partners as part of a detailed project review. We operate as a central hub for lenders to access new clients.

Who Can Lend?

Projects submitted to DevCom Capital generally recieve offers of funding from development finance lenders and fund managers, professional investors, HNW individual and the broker market.

This means that HNW individuals, funds, brokers, specialist and general lenders, as well as professional investors, may propose funding solutions that best suit their unique operational profile. Each development will be a different lending proposition thereby allowing us to match with specific investor requirements.

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Our Team

DevCom Capital Unlimited is a wholly owned subsidiary of William Neville & Sons Unlimited.

In its early days, William Neville & Sons was primarily involved in public sector contracts consisting of housing, schools, factories and hotels. In the late ‘80s, the company diversified from public sector contracts into property development and now boasts operations across Ireland, the UK, Northern Ireland, the USA and Europe. In recent years the company has also built up a portfolio of hotels in Ireland, including the Rivercourt Hotel in Kilkenny, the Tower Hotel in Waterford, the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, and most recently the Druids Glenn Hotel in Wicklow.

The Group has a longstanding reputation for integrity, professionalism and excellence which can be attributed to the hands on role played by the senior management. 
This wealth of experience will be brought to DevCom Capital to allow the company to grow and expand the business over the coming years.

Ken Keehan



Ken Keehan is CEO of DevCom Capital. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Banking industry. During this time he worked for INBS, Anglo Irish Bank and Ulster Bank primarily dealing with developers in the South East of Ireland. His focus has always been on developing good working relationships with his clients and providing them with the level of expertise, knowledge and service they require to enable them to run their business in an efficient and effective manner. Ken sits on DevCom Capital credit committee. He is APA qualified and a Practitioner of the Institute of Banking.

Noel Harrington



Noel Harrington is COO of DevCom Capital. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Service Industry. Noel has held senior management roles in a number of Ireland’s largest financial institutions. His focus has always been on developing a strategic relationship with his clients to ensure all objectives are achieved in an efficient and profitable manner. Noel is a permanent member of DevCom Capital’s credit committee. Noel is a QFA and an Associate of the Institute of Banking.

Michael Fogarty



Michael Fogarty is CRO of DevCom Capital. He has over 25 years’ experience in the Building Sector, as an experienced engineering professional, having worked on some of the largest projects both in the UK & Ireland over the past 30 years. Michael’s holistic approach to lending and risk, adds a distinct and detailed level of oversight and due-diligence for the benefit of investors and borrowers alike. His primary focus is Capital Preservation measured against the risks associated with each investment / loan advanced. Michael is the Chief Risk Officer of DevCom Capital and is a permanent member of DevCom Capital’s credit committee.

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